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How you do anything... is how you do everything.

What I do with one thing, i will do with the another

We do not make good chameleons.

If you approach a difficult conversation with your partner apprehensively, then... you will approach a monumental discussion at work the same way.

However, if you lean into the same conversation with resolve and bravery, then... you will approach that discussion at work the same.

I want to be, steadfast and true, gritty and cool, the type of person breathing confidence in stillness or disorder. Having the courage to go places that encourage apprehension, steering myself into situations that demand decision.

Inviting enough story in my life to reveal the soul stirring inside me.

Not one person this time, and someone else tomorrow.

Deep Inside, bold and brave, strong and resolute.

Undeterred by those who choose not to stand beside me...

Totally focused on my heart and the life screaming to get out...

I wish the same for you, to play your life like a song and sing as you go, taking your melodies with you and understanding you are who you are.

There is a mantra in recovery that goes something like this, wherever you go, there you are.

If you love who you are, God bless you, run it back to everyone... If you sense there is more to your story, write a new one, I'll be cheering you on.

May you embrace the power within you to express to yourself and the world, who you really are... may you realize you are beyond capable. Loved and guided by a light no one will ever understand, residing deep within you.

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