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Lose yourself to Dance

What would it take to slow down, relax, let it go... drop your anxiety, about everything... take census of what you have... breathe, deeply and intentionally. Be awake to your senses, absorbing the influence around you. Hold on loosely, lose yourself to time, to life, to others, to in the idea that you are going to be ok... even through the messiest of bits... you are.

understand that wanting certainty and order, form and planned results is normal, that the keen desire to have stability is innate... but it's just not possible.

Life is flexible, rubbery, expansive and shifty... wrap your mind around the thought that it is open, cageless and fluid... full of opportunities.

Its time for most of us to cut ourselves some slack, realize we are doing the best we can and rest in that.

You know, some things are up to us, and others are not... as Epictetus so eloquently stated centuries ago..let that drift around in you for a while...

Lose yourself to rhythm, to love, to peace, to play, to music, to joy, to whatever moves you... to difficulty even...its all part of this design we live in.. and yes, to dance!

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