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Star Man

Proxima Centauri is our closest star (aside from the sun) it is 4.3 light years away or about 24 trillion miles. If you were able to drive there, going 60mph... it would take you 48 million years to get there.

and it's the closest one...

This life, this world, this day, this problem you have is meaningful... but when you stamp it next to the statement above... you get a sense that there is more going on.

And in a weird way, this allows you to view your story in a brand new light... you are both small and large, deep and wide, vast... you are not the center, it's not all up to you, and that's comforting, tomorrow will come, today will end. And you realize you are a thousand miles from nowhere, make that a million.. and it's good, it's ok, because I am too... we all are.

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