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best days

and it's been awhile

and i need some reassurance, in the absence, i've been searching... searching for something that i was never going to find.

and then i stumbled on a truth- i'm not going to find it, it helps knowing i won't find it, but it also stings... accepting the paradox of life is a tough gig.

and no one is coming, and that's ok...

by finding nothing, i found something, instead of seeking- i am going to give what i already have...


wherever you are, whatever bridge you are trembling on, the storm sitting on your horizon, the wave breaking your shore, the moment holding you prisoner. allow yourself to know that you are the sons and daughters of kings and poets, of queens and pioneers, of stargazers and travelers... of warriors and princes... just believe that your best days are waiting for you, don't be concerned about what's already passed, forgive yourself times 1000, and forge on!

i am an advocate in this story of you, i long to see you flourish, and reap all the glory you deserve. stay with me and dream a little dream, where your soul meets it's destiny and your heart finds peace and you're wish for a once upon a time story happens.

hold steady, i am going to share with you hope, and guidance, and applause, all to aid you in this brutal yet beautiful life we share...

know that what you look for, you will find...

it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see (Thoreau)

somewhere over the rainbow... go

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